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Satellite Internet Providers

The internet brings the world to your fingertips with just the click of a mouse. But for those who live outside major cities, fast, reliable internet service may not be available. Satellite internet service is a rapidly expanding new technology that brings high speed browsing to just about anyplace, no matter how remote, with features comparable to standard high speed broadband plans.

What is Satellite Service?

Land based internet signals may be blocked by landscape features such as high mountains, and signals may not reach remote users. But satellite internet providers avoid those obstacles by sending Internet signals to a satellite orbiting the earth at an altitude of about 22,000 miles.

The satellite’s orbit is geosynchronous, which means that it orbits in sync with the earth’s rotation, so that the signal remains constant at all times and won’t be lost as the satellite moves away from their location in the course of its orbit. The signal from the satellite is directed to the user’s computer through a satellite dish and modem.

Standard High Speed or Satellite?

Satellite connectivity is a new and evolving service, while standard high speed Internet has been around a while. Although both kinds of internet service provide fast connection speeds, options for streaming music and video, and upload and download capabilities, satellite service has some limitations.

Both broadband and satellite connectivity require a modem, but satellite internet users must also either purchase or lease a satellite dish that’s installed on the roof or somewhere near the house. The entire setup may require a visit from a service representative who installs the dish and modem, though users can buy both separately from a variety of electronics retailers.

Some Considerations

Satellite service offers reliable connectivity, but extreme weather events such as heavy thunderstorms that produce heavy cloud cover can interrupt service or slow it down. Heavy sue of streaming services or lots of downloads can cause slow speeds, too. Because users are sharing limited “space" on the satellite, providers may limit the amount of data that can be uploaded or downloaded per month to get the highest speed.

Depending on the provider, satellite service may not work with all Internet online services, either. Services such as VoIP (internet phone service) online conferencing and some kinds of video and music streaming may be limited too. Choose your state below to find out more about the viability of satellite Internet in your area.

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Plans and Pricing

Satellite internet providers offer a variety of plans to meet the needs of most users, at rates that can be far lower than standard high speed plans. Packages include data storage ranging from one to over 20 GB per month, and phone service can be bundled in for extra savings. Users can either buy or lease a satellite dish and modem, and lease fees are added to the monthly plan total.

Satellite service brings the power of high speed internet to users just about anywhere, with reliable connectivity and key features at competitive prices. To find out whether satellite internet service is right for you, call our internet experts today. They’ll help you explore options and find satellite internet providers in your area.

Key Benefits

Satellite internet coverage spans the entire globe. So no matter where you are whether it is out to sea, on a private jet, in the middle of the dessert or camping in a forest, you will always be connected. Even if you are in a city or a populated area, you don't always get the best service from traditional networks. Sometimes the culprit is that your service is blocked by large buildings or that you are up to high. Sometimes the culprit is service outages at transmission stations. Sometimes the culprit is bad weather. Sometimes the company is just providing a bad service. In any of these cases, satellite internet coverage will be superior and provide the type of connection that you need.

Speed and Price

Of course, customers have a choice between getting the highest speed and getting the lowest price. The more you pay the more broadband you get from satellite internet providers. Prices range from $20 or so a month to hundreds of dollars a month depending on the amount of service you receive. Do you want to add in voice calling? Do you want to be able to download and watch movies with crystal clarity and blazing speed? All of these features cost money. It is usually quoted in terms of the amount of gigabytes used per month ranging from a few gigabytes to 40, 50 or even unlimited. There is also generally an installation fee around $100. You may try to negotiate the installation fee away though.

Call Today!

Satellite internet providers offer a tremendous service to people that travel to remote locations or simply need the reliability of constant connection. Whether you are in a poor service area, out to sea or just travelling to another country, satellite internet provides the service, peace of mind, convenience and reliability to offer continuous network connectivity all the time.

For more information on obtaining this type of service, please call our customer support center now. Our internet experts will provide all the details, a range of options and the best counsel you can ask for. This popular service is becoming more and more well convenient and affordable. Please call today for the latest information.