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Rural Internet Providers in Your Area

In the past, there weren’t many rural Internet options for people living in remote areas of the United States. Dial-up, which can be painfully slow and unreliable, was the only rural Internet service these users could get.

While dial-up has traditionally been the only option for people living in remote regions, rural high-speed Internet has finally arrived in the form of satellite Internet.

Satellite Internet service providers are available where you live. Rural satellite Internet is truly high-speed Internet, and it is significantly faster than dial-up.

Available Providers

Rural Internet customers have historically had fewer options when it came to Internet service providers. Urban Internet service made rural Internet options seem lacking.

In recent years, Internet service providers have focused on rural consumers as a growing market, increasing the range of rural high-speed Internet via satellite. More options mean more flexibility in selecting which of the Internet service providers will meet your needs. As needs change, you may decide to get rural high-speed Internet via satellite.

Unlike DSL and dial-up, rural satellite Internet does not need a wired infrastructure in place. This makes it ideal for residents of remote areas who do not want or need a landline. The only requirement for rural satellite Internet is a clear view of the southern sky so the satellite dish can send signals. Keep reading to learn just what makes this rural Internet service so appealing!

Compare Rural Internet Options

Internet service companies offer a range of rural Internet options. Common choices for rural internet service include:

  • Dial-up: Requires a telephone connection, and is notoriously slow. If you receive a telephone call while you are online, you can become disconnected.
  • DSL: While DSL also uses a telephone connection, it can support simultaneous telephone and Internet usage, so you will not get disconnected.
  • Satellite Internet: operates hassle-free through a satellite dish instead of telephone wires. Satellite Internet brings high-speeds and increased reliability to rural areas.

Why Satellite Internet is the best

Because this rural high-speed Internet service uses a satellite, you will continually be connected to the Internet. Forget about the connection process other rural Internet services like dial-up require.

These different rural Internet services offer Internet connectivity tailored to the challenges of a remote area. While Internet service providers like dial-up may offer a lower price point, they offer slower service. When choosing between rural Internet providers in your area, consider what your needs are.

If you want to use the Internet to upload photos, play games, watch streaming movies or television, or listen to music, rural satellite Internet offers speed and bandwidth suited to these activities.

High-Speed Technology

Rural satellite Internet offers speeds as much as 30 times faster than dial-up, making it the common-sense choice for to stream media, download files and to increase at-home productivity.

Still have questions about your rural Internet options? Call now and a professional will explain why choosing satellite Internet over other Internet service providers is your best option.